Aircon Clause in Tenancy Agreement

If you are the first tenant to move into a new building, you can receive free air conditioning, which will be agreed upon during the maintenance of the building. However, it is important to know if this applies to you when you move to a new room. In addition to the mandatory information mentioned above, most leases contain clauses relating to the law and responsibilities relating to maintenance and repairs (including air conditioning maintenance), payment of utilities, terms of deposit, details of what happens if rent is paid late (or not at all), details of what happens in the event of early termination. The air conditioner works best when it is maintained regularly and the filtered air conditioners are cleaned at regular intervals. This ensures better air quality without clogging the airflow. The blockade can increase your energy consumption and minimize equipment efficiency. Singapore lease usually involves cleaning the filters of an air conditioner under the responsibility of a tenant and must be done every 3 months. It is always best to clean to avoid allergies, sinus problems and asthma. Changing the filters of the air conditioning system in time will significantly help to keep the coil away from dirt. However, the coils slowly collect dirt and debris over time. They become less efficient at absorbing the heat as well as the dust they contain, which reduces their efficiency.

Professional cleaners use a tool called a finned comb to clean aluminum slats and keep them in working order. If you have serious problems with the air conditioning in the place that is outside of standard maintenance, and if any of its parts need to be replaced, your landlord is primarily responsible for the cost. The rental agreement usually does not include your wishes such as (new TV, furniture, paintings, etc.) that you submitted to the landlord in the letter of intent. The letter of intent is in itself a legally binding document and all applications accepted by the owner must be completed. They do not need to be repeated in the rental agreement. Sendhelper offers a wide range of in-home services for tenants and landlords. Move-in/take-out cleaning, regular or spring cleaning, laundry service, air conditioning maintenance, craft services, pest control, etc. are some of the services you can choose to keep your home organized. Download the Sendhelper app today to book a service.

Landlords in Singapore usually provide good air conditioning in their properties before tenants occupy the space. Once the lease is signed and the tenant moves in, the maintenance of the air conditioning is the responsibility of the tenant. In fact, in most cases, there will be a clause in the lease that will require the tenant to maintain the air conditioning in the rental property and provide proof of maintenance during the rental period at the end of the lease. As a tenant, you are responsible for the basic maintenance of the air conditioning in the room to ensure that it works well. Be sure to respect the tenant`s responsibilities set out in the lease to avoid confusion for both parties. If the condominium is new, maintenance should be free. It is recommended to check the performance status of the air conditioner in the room where you live by seeking professional help. Sendhelper helps you easily maintain the air conditioning of your rental property. We offer attractive subscriptions for quarterly and triennial maintenance. You can use invoices and service reports that we have issued as proof of service. You will receive a grace period of up to 30 days from the start of the rental to cover you in the event that you discover damage caused by previous tenants or who were already present. If you can`t find the „grace period“ in the agreement, ask for it and make sure it`s included.

Taking into account your health, you should always make sure that the air conditioner is free of dust and other allergens. This can block the airflow in the room, so the outer sheets should be cut and kept away from the device. As a tenant, you should always know that you need to make the area near the air conditioner clutter-free. Sendhelper, the best air conditioning provider in Singapore, provides service reports to our customers after each service. These reports serve as proof of service to ensure a peaceful handover of the apartment at the end of the rental. The diplomatic clause allows you to leave the lease prematurely without imposing a penalty. You must respect a minimum length of stay before you can exercise the diplomatic clause. It is usually only found in 2-year leases. These are the usual clauses, but there can be many others that can be added! There are a few points that can often raise concerns or points that need to be negotiated or clarified. Tenants must maintain air conditioners every 3 months. The air conditioning maintenance clause is included in the contract and make sure you are a responsible tenant.

In this article, we will discuss what you need to pay attention to in the rental agreement regarding the maintenance of the air conditioner and how to properly maintain it during the rental period. If you rent in Singapore, whether first or not, there is a lease that must be signed. If it is prepared by an owner, this official contract must be properly studied before signing it. The landlord and tenant must sign the agreement and once it is completed, it is effective for both parties. Does the tenant have to dry clean the air conditioning system before handing it over to the landlord? This is a common question that many tenants ask and have confused. The lease should explicitly state who pays for what and whether the space will be shared, how the bill will be divided. Make sure of this clause in advance when signing a lease. In situations where the performance of the air conditioner goes wrong, it is important to keep a log of problems. This should include the date the unit had problems and the contact you made/tried to make with your landlord. Make sure you have the records and a few copies with you to stay professional. Indeed, it depends on the owner and the tenant if dry cleaning is not included in regular maintenance.

Make sure dry cleaning is included in the regular service or work out this clause with your landlord before moving in. The first and most important task you need to focus on when it comes to air conditioning maintenance is cleaning and replacing filters. Be sure to check, clean and repair the air filters when needed, as they will help you save a lot of electricity and costs. It also ensures that the device works with maximum efficiency and ensures your overall health by reducing dust in the room. You can talk to your landlord about the frequency of service and the change of air conditioning filters. For major issues in the air conditioning unit that are not part of standard air conditioning maintenance, your landlord is responsible for these repair costs. This must be verified when signing a rental agreement. A lease includes about S$100 to S$150 for repair/maintenance responsibilities. The landlord should use this amount to manage the problems.

Singapore is the world center of Asia, where East meets West. People from all over the world travel to the island nation and settle there more often for a more or less long period. The demand for rental apartments therefore remains high in the long term. If you`ve been lucky enough to find the space of your dreams after many days of struggle, don`t be happy until you`ve read and understood the lease thoroughly. .