Aa Contract 3206

An effective spill emergency preparedness and response plan during the construction phase of the 3RS project for implementation by all contractors is also required. These plans include oil spill prevention measures, as well as spill response training, as well as spill response equipment and emergency response teams. Further details on the procurement methodology for environmental protection work for monitoring purposes, including engineering and equipment observation specialists, are set out in the award criteria in tender documents and in government-issued permit documents. The acquisition of the project is covered by the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement. The aim of these updated management bodies is to provide the most up-to-date information on the basis of contracts recently awarded under this project. This updated management body contains the following information: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Contract 3721) is the contractor engaged to carry out the construction support infrastructure works until the completion of the 3RS project. The consortium CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems Ltd. and CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd. (PBTS – CRRC PZ) (contract 3601) is the contractor responsible for carrying out the work on the new APM system (TRC line). The Leighton-Chun Wo Joint Venture (Contract 3503) is the contractor engaged to carry out the T2 foundation and substructure work.

Hong Kong International Airport`s tender for the three-runway system (3RS) project has been completed. Known as Contract 3206 – Main Reclamation Works, bids for this contract must be made no later than 4:30 p.m. .m (Hong Kong time) on Wednesday, September 24. August, to be submitted to the airport authority. Vanderlande Industries Hong Kong Limited and Shun Hing Systems Integration Company Limited (contract 3603) are the contractor engaged to carry out the construction work of the baggage handling systems (BHS). The 3RS is the largest development planned for the airport since it opened nearly 20 years ago, and the scope of work is very similar to the original airport project. The project requires the recovery of approximately 650 hectares (over 1600 acres) of land on the north side of the airport. The contract includes the construction of key re-cultivation works, delineated by approximately 13.4 kilometres (8.4 miles) of to be built around them, soil improvement work that will provide sandbag-laying fillers, marine bottling on land, and related infrastructure and environmental protection work. Tapbo Construction Company Limited and Konwo Modular House Limited Joint Venture (Contract 3722) are the contractors engaged to perform work on construction support facilities in the Western Utility Zone. China Road and Bridge Corporation – Bachy Soletanche Group Limited – LT Sambo Co., Ltd Joint Venture (contract 3405) is the contractor engaged to carry out the foundation and substructure work of the hangar of the third runway.

Penta-Ocean-China State-Dong-Ah Joint Venture (Contract 3201), Samsung-Build King Joint Venture (Contract 3202), Sambo E&C Co., Ltd. (Contract 3203), China Road and Bridge-Sambo Joint Venture (Contract 3204) and Bachy Soletanche-Sambo Joint Venture (Contract 3205) are the contractors engaged to carry out DCM`s soil improvement work. The construction of contracts 3201, 3202, 3203 and 3204 has been completed. Sinohydro Corporation Limited, Powerchina Airport Construction Company Limited, Paul Y. Construction Company Limited and Rock-One Engineering Company Limited (SAPR) Joint Venture (Contract 3303) are the contractors engaged to carry out the construction of the new runway, taxiways and related works. Build King Construction Ltd (contract 3502) is the contractor engaged to carry out the modification work on the Terminal 2 (T2) Automated People Mover (APM) depot. The construction of contract 3502 is complete. Niigata Transys Company Ltd. (Contract 3602) is the contractor engaged to perform the modification work on the existing APM system. Wing Hing Construction Co., Ltd. (contract 3402) is the contractor engaged to carry out the construction work of the new integrated airport centres.

Appendix A contains the flowcharts of all of the above-mentioned contractors required by condition EP 2.4. China Road and Bridge Corporation (contract 3302) is the contractor responsible for the preparatory work for the Eastern Vehicle Tunnel. Langfang Huayuan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Contract P560(R)) is the contractor hired to divert existing underwater aviation fuel pipelines. Fujita Corporation-China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.-Zhen Hua Engineering Company Ltd. (FJT-CHEC-ZHEC) Joint Venture (Contract 3301) is the contractor engaged to carry out the construction of the North Runway Crossing Taxiway. Zhen Hua Engineering Company Ltd.-China Communications Construction Company Ltd.-CCCC Dredging (Group) Company Ltd. (ZHEC-CCCC-CDC) Joint Venture (Contract 3206) is the contractor engaged to carry out the main re-cultivation work.

2.9 Airport support Infrastructure and logistics works contracts Some of the main construction activities related to soil formation works are:. . . Third Runway Concourse Foundation and Substructure Works A difference from the rehabilitation of the airport`s original land is the result of growth in marine traffic and industry. Another is the presence of contaminated sludge pits in Hong Kong`s water reculture zone. The sludge is soft and cannot be removed and must be stabilized. The solution was found in the implementation of extensive soil improvement techniques. This includes a no-dredging method known as deep-in mixing (DCM), which immobilizes contaminated sediments. This contamination also means that the sand must come from elsewhere in China outside the waters of Hong Kong. . (c) the management organisation of the independent environmental auditor (IEC) and his or her team (in Section 4); and • the modification of the existing dike, for which the existing rock armour will be removed from the dike and retained as much as possible for reuse in the construction of the new dike;. .

• Soil improvement, including deep cement mixing (DCM) method in large areas of contaminated sludge pits as well as DCM and other methods such as stone columns Steel cells Sand compaction piles Vertical sand drains and prefabricated vertical drains for areas outside contaminated sludge pit areas; Today`s airport, with two runways and two terminals, opened in 1998 after a vast land reclamation project involving almost every major dredging company in the world. .